Francisco Goya y Lucientes
(Spanish ~ 1746-1828)
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  Burial of the Sardine, c1816   Fire at Night, 1793-94   Saints Justa and Rufina, 1817   Allegory of Madrid, 1810  


  Young Majas, 1811   Little Giants, 1791-2   Majas on a Balcony, c1808-12   St Francis Borja at the Deathbed of an Impenitent, 1788  


  Witches in the Air, 1797-98   Time (or Les Vieilles), c1810-12   Witches Sabbath, 1798   The Bewitched Man, 1798  


  The Procession, c1816  


  Marquesa de Santa Cruz, 1805  


  Atropos (The Fates), 1821-23  


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