Gustave Moreau
(France, 1826-1898)
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  Hesiod and the Muse, 1857   Apollo and the Nine Muses, 1856   The Young Man and Death, 1881-82   Jupiter  


  Salome Dancing before Herod (Salome Tattooed), 1874 (detail)   St. George   The Apparition, 1874-76    


  St. Sebastian and the Angel, c1876   Cleopatra, c1883   Hercules and the Lernaen Hydra, 869-76   Galatea, 1876-80  


  Young Moses, 1878   Hesiod and the Muses   Jason, 1863-65   Jupiter  




  Prometheus, 1868   Oedipus the Wayfarer   The Poet and the Siren   Orpheus, 1865  


  Phaeton, 1878-79   Triumph of Alexander the Great, c1874 (detail)   The Wayfarer, c1887   Orpheus, 1865 (detail)  


  Apollo and the Satyrs, 1893-95   David, 1878   Bathsheba, 1885-86   Jupiter and Semele, 1889-95 (detail)  


  Venus Emerging from the Waters, 1866   The Daughters of Thespius, 1853-83   The Peri (The Sacred Elephants, The Sacred Lake), 1881-80   Diomedes Devoured by His Horses, 1865  


  Jason and the Angel, c1878   Samson and Delilah, 1881-82   Inspiration, c1893  


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