Odilon Redon
(France, 1840-1916)
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  Buddha   The Beacon, 1883-93   Buddha, c1906   Druidess  


  Parsifal   Sait John, 1892   The Silence, c1895-1900   Sita, c1893  


  Yeux clos (closed eyes), c1894   Fallen Angel Looking at a Cloud, c1875   The Barque, c1902   The Golden Cell, 1892  


  Le Reve, 1904   Butterflies, c1910   The Red Sphinx, c1912   The Dream, c1904  


  The Cyclops, c1914   Roland at Roncevaux, 1868-69   The Chalice of Mystery, c1890   Green Death, c1905  


  Veiled Woman, c1895-99   Mystical Knight   Homage   The Flame   Portrait of Ari Redon, c1898  


  Spring, 1883   Cauchemar, 1881   Un masque sonne le glas funebre, 1882   Parsifal, 1891  


  Guardian Spirit of the Waters, 1878   False Glory, c1885   After the Execution, 1877   Caliban couche, 1881  


  Madame Odilon Redon, 1882   Portrait of Madame de Domecy, 1892   Beatrice, 1885  


  Destiny   Angel Executioner, c1876   Melancholy, 1876  


  Primitive Man (Seated in Shadow), 1872   Dante and Beatrice, 1914   Figure Holding a Winged Head, c1876  


  Winged Man  


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