Victor Safonkin
(Czech Republic)
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  The Mysterious Ibis, 2001 (80x60cm)   Condoned, 2003 (200x150cm)   Love, 2003 (50x60cm)   In the Arms of Happiness, 2003 (60x50cm)  


  Victory of Creative Ideas I, 2004 (30x30cm)   Return of the Hero, 2005 (90x90cm)   Portrait of Evening Sadness, 1998 (60x50cm)  


  Memories about Gogol, 2005 (57x50cm)   Remembering the Future, 2004 (75x70cm)   Limited Atheism, 2004 (50x50cm)  


  Leaving the Tyrant, 1995 (100x85cm)   Creative Correlation through Rusty Nail, 2002 (75x70cm)   Fanatic Invention about Equality, 2001 (50x60cm)  


  Eccentricity of a Woodpecker, 1996 (75x75cm)   Gone out Sun, 2005 (65x75cm)   Disturbed Moon, 1999  


  The Defeat of Bull, 2004 (80x90cm)   The Dogma, 2004 (57x60cm)   The Shadow of Blank Overseas, 2005 (57x50cm)  


  Fetuses of Mystic Mood, 2004 (65x60cm)   The Hunt Seen in the Shrimp Salade, 2001 (80x85cm)   Totalitarian Dreams, 2004 (80x75cm)  


  The Mirror Drinker, 2005 (65x60cm)   The Politics of the Dry Leaf, 2001 (100x120cm)   Contemplation of Summer Moon, 2005 (50x55cm)  


  Abduction of the Real Feelings, 2005 (70x75cm)   The Summer Nostalgia, 2004 (70x60cm)   The Tender Angels, 2001 (70x75cm)  


  The Premonition of the Future, 2001 (50x70cm)   A Juggler, 2005 (40x50cm)  


  Angel is Tired, 2005 (55x70cm)   Wake Up!  2004 (40x60cm)  


  The Exile of Morning Rapture, 2004 (100x125cm)   Hydrodreams, 2005 (70x90cm)  


  The Great Negotiation, 2003 (60x75cm)   Watermelon Eater, 1998 (60x80cm)  



  They Come with Clean Water, 2006 (95x90cm)   Emotional Wind, 2005 (60x90cm)  


  ...but Windmills are Larger, 2005 (50x100cm)  


  Society of Good Inventions and Hidden Aims, 2003 (85x200cm)  


  Bullets of Measureless Love, 2005 (85x200cm)  

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