Mughal Miniatures
(16th and 17th centuries)
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  Akbar Directs the Attack against Ranthambhor fort in 1569 - Mughal, c1590-95   Akbar Greeting Rajput Rulers and other Nobles at Court, probably in 1577 - Mughal, c1590-95   The Awakening of Kumbhakarna - Mughal c1595-1605    


  The Wedding Procession of Prince Dara Shikoh - Padshahnama   Amr disguised as Doctor Musmahil treating sorcerers in a Courtyard - Mughal School Akbar Period, 1562-77   Arghan Div bringing the weapon chest to Hamza - Mughal School Akbar Period, 1562-77   Iskandar Finds the Infant Darab - Hamza Nama series, Mughal  


  Rustam Kills a Demon - Mughal, c1575   Ladies on a Terrace - Mughal School, c1700-1710   Reception Scene - Mughal School, c1700-1710   Royal Lovers (a Prince Offering Wine to his Mistress) - Mughal, c1740  


  A Lady at a Window - Mughal c1750   Birth of a Prince - Jahangir Nama (detail)     Ibrahim II Adil, Shah of Bijapur (1580-1626) - Bijapur, c1615  


  Sohni swims to meet her loverMahinwal - Provincial Mughal, Farrukhabad, c1775-80  


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